Drop Test - KD Furniture Packaging Safety - Mail Order Business

Drop Test - KD Furniture Packaging Safety - Mail Order Business

NuTrend is specialized in online packaging,since mail order business takes up huge percentage of our total revenue,which will be our focus in following years.We could provide basic packing(for store only),ISTA-3A packing.

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NuTrend has a professional background in RTA furniture.This experience allow us to provide right and creative solutions to client's requirements.

Consider production advantage, define the market andcustomer, choose most economic material, design the right hardware& structure, make our production technologically feasible andcustomer desirable.

Design an assortment That Sells

We constantly introduce new knowledge, technologies and innovative ideas to provide solutions to our clients with 3D rendering.

Competitor Bench Marketing
Track competitors, compare product side by side to better understand market gaps and potential opportunities so that we could align and meet market expectations.
Sample Protocol
After cost management, material breakdown, make the detail sample request for your project, list what kind of finish/test you want, then pass to production team.
Sample Test
Product engineer will do the internal test to help you eliminate the risk to sell items and comply with industry standards. Increase customer satisfaction & cut 3rd party testing cost for you.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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