About Customer Service

About Customer Service

Q: Do you offer product photo shooting service?

A: Yes,we believe nice photos attract people and boost the sales. We have 5 studios partners in service in order to provide prompt photography for us. We will send samples to different studios according to your market tastes.

Q: May i have the spare parts?

A: Yes,we usually provide free hardware spare parts. We can also provide wood parts in separate packing but if might arise some extra labor costs, depending on order qty.

Q: How do you handle customer complaints?

A: In case of customer complaint,our sales will immediately hold an internal meeting with PM,PE and QC team to offer timely solutions. We also often take the initiative to capture and analyze consumer feedback from website,it helps us develop proudcts, improve customer service, and manage customer satisfaction. We value your feedback and make progress always.

Q: Can I get compensation if there is defective in your shipment ?

A: Yes. You can talk to NuTrend Sales if you have claims.We will provide solutions case by case. Generally, we don't provide discount if return rate is less than 3%, which means you need to consider some percent return lost as part of your cost. If you need to credit NuTrend every piece that consumers return, we are ok to do so. But pls advise the request before you place an order, we will include the service and update price accordingly or provide extra product quantity in next shipment.

Telephone: +86 591 8868 6363
WeChat: nutrendcn
Phone: +86 18060666363
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